Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reverse phone lookUp?

As of 2018, there are over 260 registered phone numbers in the United States, and many of them belong to service providers and even spammers. Many times, people receive anonymous phone calls from unknown origins and find themselves as part of a scam. In order to prevent such incidents from happening, you can conduct a Reverse Phone Lookup on TopReversePhone that allows you to find accurate information about a person or a company that are calling you. By entering the phone number in question into a search query, you can find accurate information about any phone number in the United States.

How do you choose the best phone lookup service?

A phone search has to be conducted with access to public records, so in order to find the best reverse phone lookup service – you have to find the one with the greatest access to public records. While free reverse phone lookup services seem tempting, they only provide basic information about phone numbers and not a full background check, like paid-for services. Also, when searching for the best reverse phone lookup service, you should search for one that gives you a complete background profile and report that includes criminal records, contact information, location and any other valuable information about the phone number you have questions about.

What does a reverse phone report contain?

A reverse phone number lookup on TopReversePhone is essentially a background check that is based solely on a phone number. By entering a phone number, you have questions about, you can search and find the full name, contact information and even the census data about whom ever is calling you. The information can be searched on unknown phone numbers and also on known phone numbers of people you have questions about.

How many searches can I perform?

With TopReversePhone, you have an unlimited number of reverse phone lookup searches. That means that as a part of your membership, you will be able to search for information about all the phone numbers you want to know more about, with no limit on the number of searches.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

The membership at TopReversePhone can be cancelled at all times, and you will not be charged on your membership if you choose to terminate it before its time is up.

Is the data accurate?

All the data on TopReversePhone is gathered from official public records held by the 50 US states. That means that all the information on the website is official, accurate and has been recorded by officials in different departments across America.

Who can I search with a phone lookup?

A reverse phone lookup allows you to search and find information about all the registered phone numbers in the United States – whether they belong to a person or a company. TopReversePhone has access to all the public records in the country, meaning that you can find accurate information about some 260 million phone numbers in the US.

Is my search private and secured?

One of the most important values in TopReversePhone is to keep customers safe and protect them from a data breach. That is why we made all the efforts to secure the website and make all the searches private. The security policy on TopReversePhone ensures that all your searches are private and that no one but you can access the searches you conducted.

Do you offer any other services besides phone lookups?

A reverse phone lookup in very important nowadays, with fraud and identity being constantly on the rise, but this service is not complete without additional information. In order to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and accurate background check service today, we also offer a people search, a criminal records check, a reverse address lookup, a sex offender search, an unclaimed money search and many more services. That way you can use the information you found on a reverse phone lookup to search for additional information about the person or company in question and protect yourself and those closest to you from any kind of harm.